April 24, 2015

2015’s Luxury Home Trends

What will you fill your luxury dream home with? Here are some of the hottest luxury home design trends for 2015 to start thinking about.

Some of the most popular items people want this year are luxury showers, poolside fire pits, and of course, wine tasting rooms. “Wine cellars have been popular for some time now,” says Chief Designer Mark Cutler of the interior design firm nousDECOR. In an interview with Haute Living, Cutler notes that all his luxury clients are looking for ways to set themselves as tastemakers, and to make lots of room for their hobbies and best ideas for their home. Stands to reason that if you’re going to go luxury, go big and bold with some sophisticated touches! (For an example of one of our wine tasting rooms, visit Tour Our Homes and flip through the Towne Lake Model).

Another major trend is towards neutral colors, white cabinets, and quartz countertops instead of granite. Quartz has a great look while being less porous, and is able to stay lustrous even after years of wear and tear. But Cutler has an interesting prediction for the future of home decor - “voice control will be a huge trend,” he says. These have already been out in the market in the form of smart TV’s and other smart appliances. More and more homes are going to become smarter in all the basic things - air conditioning, and other home control systems, will start to have voice controls embedded in them. Imagine talking to your house and having it respond - you won’t need to have a remote anymore, or even get up, to adjust your thermostat or turn on the television. Maybe the only remaining classic challenge would be getting everyone at home to agree what temperature to set your house at!

Of course, no matter how you design your home, it should feel like home. Not only is Princeton Classic a long-term quality home builder helping clients create their dream house, we’ve also been community developers making sure that all residents find a comfortable place to live. Take a tour of our homes and see what we can do for you.