April 11, 2016

7 Things Buyers Look Forward to Most When Buying a New Home

Over the past few years, we have seen some interesting trends in the real estate market. Millennials have finally entered the market full force, baby boomers have begun to settle in their retirement homes, and multi-generational housing has become even more popular. Another real estate trend over the past couple of years is the decision of many home buyers to turn to new home builders, choosing to purchase new homes instead of buying resale homes on the market. What is driving this trend? In this article, we will answer this question by exploring the top seven things home buyers look forward to most when buying a new home.

1. Home Customization

The first thing every new home buyer looks forward to is being able to customize a home exactly the way they want. New home builders can build the perfect home that is customized to match individual styles and preferences. The ability to choose the exact design, floor plan, as well as the materials and finishes of cabinets, flooring, and countertops means home buyers can get exactly what they want. Home buyers can search and search the resale home market, but chances are they’ll never get the perfect fit that can be found in a new home.

2. Focusing on the ‘Want to Do’ List

Buying a used home can often lead to unexpected home projects that are expensive and frustrating to deal with. Resale home buyers may end up needing to soon replace the AC or update the windows. On the other hand, new home buyers can channel their money into things they really want to do with their home. While a new home builder can take care of all the initials wants, new home buyers can continue customizing as they go. And if a ‘have to do’ item does happen to pop up, there is a good chance it will still be covered under warranty.

3. Energy Efficiency

Technology is improving energy efficiency at a rapid pace. The new homes built today are even more energy efficient than those built even five years ago. New home builders can incorporate energy efficient options into just about every area of a house, including windows, insulation, and appliances. New home buyers not only look forward to lowering their environmental footprint, but also enjoy seeing a significant cost savings compared to what they would spend in an older home.

4. Home Safety

Home buyers want to feel safe in their own homes, especially when young children are living in the home. New homes provide a safer home than older homes by taking advantage of the latest technology and building standards. The circuit breakers are state-of-the-art, the HVAC system is up to date, and the paint contains fewer volatile organic compounds. These things and many more offer a home that new home buyers will feel safe in for years to come.

5. New Home Neighborhood

Good new home builders are very careful when selecting the locations they build in. New home communities are often built in the best up-and-coming areas. They are close to work and recreation and are located in good areas for schools. New home buyers not only look forward to living in a great area of town, but also developing close bonds with new neighbors who have also just moved in and are looking to form new friendships in the neighborhood as well.

6. Equity

Another thing new home buyers look forward to in their new homes is building equity, and buying a new home can quickly build equity. Instead of paying rent to a landlord and having nothing to show for it, each payment made is an investment in the future. New homes are equipped with the latest improvements, so they are often valued higher and raise equity faster than older homes.

7. Pride of Home Ownership

A final reason thing home buyers look forward to in their new homes is the sense of pride that the home was built especially for them. No one has lived in the home before, and it is like a blank canvas to create memories that will last a lifetime.

New homes have always been popular for some, but what is interesting about the current new home trend is that it is opening up to the masses. New homes are no longer just for the wealthy. In fact, new home builders report increasing interest in new home construction from everyone from millennials to retiring baby boomers. Affordable options plus benefits like customization, equity, and energy efficiency all make new homes an attractive and exciting choice for buyers in today’s market.