February 14, 2015

Annual Career and Education Day Offers Valuable Advice for Students

For many students, planning a future can be scary. In addition to the many confusing paths presented to them, students face the daunting challenge of figuring out what it is they want to do with their lives at a very young age.

Luckily, there’s a way to clear the haziness and calm the minds of students who may be feeling lost or intimidated throughout the process. The Annual Career and Education Day this Saturday offers students indispensable career advice and helpful recommendations in making the right choices, whether they be financial, academic, or career-oriented.

Students from grades 6–12 (as well as their parents, guardians, teachers, and counselors) will be given an opportunity to learn about rewarding careers, the college application process, and the options available to pay for higher education.

At the event, industry leaders will discuss popular and in-demand professions and careers, various universities and trade schools will explore ideal courses of study for each student’s individual needs, and admissions representatives will outline admission requirements, scholarships, financial aid, and family financial assistance programs.

New this year are several tracks detailing the process to other interested parties. Added to the agenda are three tracks—a middle school track, counselor track, and parent track. These individual paths ensure that everyone has the necessary information to make the best possible decisions when a student chooses to move forward with their career goals.

Career panels will give students an accurate look at a day in the life of an employee in any given profession. Helpful tips geared at the modern generation, such as social media’s impact on one’s future career, appropriate interview attire, ways to improve interview skills, and how to land the internship of your dreams will be discussed.

In addition, all attendees will enjoy free child care, lunch for the whole family, assistance with FAFSA, and tax preparations onsite.

The one-day event, presented by the Houston Hispanic Forum, is free and takes place at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Saturday, February 14th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Don’t wait until it’s too late—start things off on the right path today!