January 19, 2015

Crave Cupcakes Opens Third Location in The Woodlands

Looking for the perfect place to get your sugar fix? Never fear—Crave Cupcakes is here!

Crave Cupcakes is now opening a third location in The Woodlands by the end of the month. The bakery will set up shop in a new mixed-use site northwest of The Woodlands Mall and Market Street, in the new Research Forest Lakeside development.

One of Houston's first dedicated cupcake bakeries, the original Crave in Uptown Park opened in 2009. Word quickly spread and the town went cupcake crazy—Crave had started a movement, sparking a cupcake trend with no end in sight. The success of the bakery paved the way for more Crave Cupcakes around the city. A second Crave location opened early this month, overlooking Lake Woodlands.

Crave Cupcakes is owned by Texas natives Brad Dorsey, Elizabeth Harrison and Peter Cooper. They take pride in their homemade treats, crafted without preservatives or hydrogenated oils and baked in small batches throughout the day to ensure the cupcakes are at their finest.

How exactly do they make their delectable cupcakes and creamy frostings? Every morning, rich, creamy, sweet vanilla, succulent European chocolates, seasonal fruits straight from California’s wine country, and quality dairy from Texas farms is blended to the perfect taste and consistency, guaranteed to please your palate every time.

Crave Cupcakes takes your average cupcake to another level. There are many different flavors, making each experience quite a thrill. You can also customize your cupcakes by adding special decorations—it will make you feel like a kid again!

Mini cupcakes are also in the mix—perfect for the little ones and special occasions.

Crave now has three ways to order—pickup, delivery, and nationwide shipping. Enjoy delicious cupcakes without lifting a finger, or send as a gift to loved ones.

Crave’s cupcakes are sure to tickle your fancy—head to Crave Cupcakes and satisfy your sweet tooth today!

Check out what’s on the menu here.