August 21, 2013

Get “Smart Home” Systems This Summer!

“Smart home” systems have been around for years, but today because of wireless connections the advantages of having totally connected home are more beneficial than ever.

From a single console in the kitchen, by your bed, or on your phone or tablet, you can control your music collection, set the scene with lighting, control the temperature and see who’s at the front door. Multi-room audio, lighting, intercom, thermostat and camera systems can also be integrated into a one home system. If whole-house integration is not something within your reach, there are enough self-programing, voice-activated and mobile app-operated appliances and devices on the market to easily improve your home’s tech IQ.

A refrigerator can now do more than just keep your food cool. A wifi enabled fridge can access your apps on the LCD screen, check the weather, browse the Web for recipes and maintain a grocery list to view on your phone when shopping.
New smart televisions allow you to navigate seamlessly from movies to games to apps, and even help you stay connected with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.
Even the front door can get a quick “smart” update with door locks that can be controlled from your mobile device, and a video/audio doorbell allows you to see and communicate with any visitor, without leaving the comfort of your easy chair!

For more ideas, from self progamming thermostats to voice activate televisions visit Bob Vila’s home improvement website