September 12, 2016


You’ve decided to build a new home, and you can’t wait to get started! But not so fast. It’s time to do a little prep work and research before you select your new home builder. Make sure you follow these rules when selecting your builder from the many residential home builders out there these days.

Determine Your Needs and Wants

It may seem obvious, but don’t start shopping for home builders if you aren’t perfectly sure what you want yet. Most new home builders specialize in certain types of homes. Knowing the type of home you plan to build will help you decide which builder will be the best fit for you.

Look for Experience

Be sure to check how much experience your potential home builder has before making a decision. Has the company been in business for several years? Did it survive the recession? Even if the company itself is new, you may still feel comfortable with the experience of the actual professionals if they have been in the industry for several years already.

Ask About a Contact Person

You’ll definitely have questions, likely lots of them, as the home building process moves forward. Find a home builder who appoints a contact person to keep you updated and informed as the home is being built, and make sure you feel comfortable with that person.

Talk to Current and Past Customers

If you know someone who has built a home with the builder, pick their brain. Ask if they’re happy with their choice, what they wish had gone different, and if they would use the same builder again. Find out if the company resolves issues quickly, and if they communicate well with their customers. If you don’t know anyone who has used the builder, ask the company for customer referrals.

Make Sure Your Builder is Licensed and Insured

If licensing is a requirement to build in your area, make sure your builder is licensed. In addition, make sure you understand the insurance coverage your builder carries.

Ask About the Warranty

New homes come with warranties on the products and materials used for your home, but don’t just assume everything is covered under warranty. Learn the conditions of the warranty before you buy. Is any part of the warranty transferrable to a new owner? Is there a structural warranty in place?

Find Your Style

What’s your style? Are you a lover of all things contemporary, or do you prefer the traditional? Do you like the cottage look, or would you prefer a sprawling rambler? Make sure the builder you select has actually built homes in the style you want so you can be sure to be happy with the outcome of your home.

Also, does the builder allow you to make alterations to plans, or will you be happy with their provided options? Can you customize the home the way you want?

Tour the Home

Now comes the fun part. Tour the model homes of the home builder you’re considering. When you find a model you love, tour it more than once. How does it feel? Can you imagine your family living there? How is the quality of the materials? Pay attention to details in the construction.

Don’t Rush

The excitement of building a new home can sweep some people off their feet, but don’t let that happen to you. Rein in your emotions, and do your homework so you can select the right builder for your needs.

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