May 08, 2015

I<3 San Antonio

San Antonio has a great deal going on for it - it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in America (ranked by Forbes 2014), and has some of the best food to be found in Texas (disbelievers, stop by the Granary Cue and Brew). Here are just some of the highlights that make this city so special and a wonderful place to be.

Most Romantic

Amazon ranked San Antonio the most romantic city in the country in 2013 - and who can blame them? Take horse-drawn carriage rides down Houston Street, followed by a candlelit dinner along the River Walk, and finish up the evening with a cocktail at the top of the Tower of the America’s. That’s how you celebrate a real Valentine’s Day, and San Antonio does it right.

Great Future

The city’s employment rate is one of the top ten fastest-growing in the country, with a gross metro product of $97B and a projected annual growth rate of 4.2%. It’s also one of the most family-friendly places in the nation - short commutes, safe neighborhoods, and quality education all being important factors for raising a healthy and happy home.

World Heritage Sites

Who can forget the city’s alluring history? A World Heritage Site, the San Antonio Missions draws a crowd each year and keeps us reminded of the area’s significance. Home to five historic mission sites, all close to each other for a day’s visit, the San Antonio Missions invites people to experience a unique history and culture only found in this city.

For more reasons on why San Antonio’s attracting new residents, and why locals love where they are, check out this post from my San Antonio.