September 14, 2016


Building a new home is an exciting experience, and finishing out a home with all of your own style and finishes couldn’t be more rewarding. There are a lot of decisions to make along the way though, and it’s important to make the best decisions to help get you one step closer to the home of your dreams.

Unfortunately, some homeowners get distracted by small, insignificant things and overlook important elements in the home building process. You can avoid these common regrets by making sure you take these factors into consideration when building a new home.


That open floor plan is lovely, and everything feels nice and spacious. Unfortunately, there’s no space for your pantry items, extra hand towels, or Halloween decorations. Don’t make the mistake of skimping on closet and storage space. A good motto to live by is you can never have enough storage space.

Skimping on Materials

Your mother always said that when you do a job, you need to do it right - the first time. She was right, and this applies to new home construction as well. Choose quality materials for your cabinets and flooring. They’re used more than any other part of your home, and you don’t want them to wear out before the wall paint dries.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Everybody’s installing luxury baths, so you need to install a luxury bath too, right? Not if you don’t care about luxury bathrooms! Upgrade your home according to what you like. Don’t worry about what the neighbors are doing. Choose styles, appliances, and upgrades that match your preferences and that enhance your favorite rooms in the house.


Carpet gets worn out faster than you can say, “Take your shoes off!” Keep carpet out of heavily-trafficked areas, like the entryway. And don’t install it in areas that tend to have a lot of spills and messes, like dining rooms. Instead, use tile or hardwood flooring. You can always purchase a more easily-replaceable rug if you want a softer landing for your kids.

Smart Features

You’re going to want the latest products and gadgets that make living easier, so build your home with the infrastructure for smart technology already in place. That way, when the latest time-saving product comes out, you’ll be able to use it right away.

In-Ground Sprinklers

Picture this. It’s summertime, and you’re supposed to be taking it easy, but instead of relaxing with an ice-cold lemonade, you’re outside every 30 minutes, moving sprinklers across your yard. Save yourself the hassle, and add in-ground sprinklers to the features of your new construction home.


Perhaps the most used room in the house, you really don’t want to have regrets when it comes to your kitchen. Make sure you thoroughly consider size and layout. Keep things logical - sink near the dishwasher; prep areas near the sink, etc. Buy appliances that will get the job done, and make sure you have enough lighting to clearly see what you’re doing. And don’t forget to choose colors and materials that go well together and that make you happy.


Bathrooms are hard to add to a home after it’s built, so think carefully when making bathroom decisions. Make sure you have at least one bathroom on the ground floor that’s easily accessible for guests. Choose a large bathroom in the master bedroom, and make sure there is a separate bathroom for kids.

These important factors will not only keep you comfortable and happy in your new home, but they will also help with resale value should you ever decide to move. Find a home builder that offers floor plans that match what you value most and think through each decision carefully.

In the Houston, TX area, please contact Princeton Classic Homes to help walk you through the home building process and avoid making any major home building regrets!