June 04, 2015

San Antonio Home Buying 101

Ask any San Antonio local where the best place to live is, and they’ll probably each give you a different answer. Each neighborhood has its own unique qualities, and its own real estate conditions. Luckily, San Antonio real estate has enjoyed a long-lasting consistency and predictability. One factor is cost of living. On average, the metro area’s median home price is around $170K. Unlike huge cities, where real estate prices usually stay high, San Antonio hasn’t suffered the ups and downs of a widely swinging housing market.

“The key component for San Antonio—and it has always been like this—is that we’ve never had a bubble like the coasts,” says Missy Stagers, a veteran real estate agent and chairman of the San Antonio Board of Realtors. “It’s steady as she goes.” Aside from the low costs, Stagers notes other factors that keep the real estate attractive. The space to build is plentiful; the city is rather spread out. “Even when there’s great demand, we can still create the supply,” she says in an interview with San Antonio Magazine.

Another part of San Antonio’s stability is its function as a military hub - a lot of service members are rotated in and out of the area, which always provides a steady stream of buyers and sellers to keep the market going. So if the San Antonio market is looking to be an attractive buy, consider some of these strategies to help you land your best offer.

Make sure you’re pre-qualified for a home before you start your home shopping, otherwise the entire experience would be an ordeal and heartache when you fall in love with a house you can’t afford. Check in with a lender first to figure out what your affordable range is, and bring proof you can afford a home before you place an offer.

When you find a dream home you know is right for you, do put in a “strong offer,” says Binkan Cinaroglu, with Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. “The small amount of money you’ll save to get a good deal is not worth the sacrifice of your lifestyle.” Given that, it’s important to know what you want. Every buyer has their own set of priorities - what matters most to you; location, size, or amenities? It’ll help you and your agent make your search as efficient as possible.

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