June 23, 2016

Trends That Are Influencing New Homes in 2016

Despite the way it sounds, a home trend is actually not trendy. Rather, trends influence current and future styles. They help styles stick around, especially in real estate. The current home trends will be more than fads, they’ll be the influencers of new homes for years to come, and here is a look at the trends that are influencing new homes the most in 2016!

The Kitchen is the Center of the Home

Kitchens are growing in size, and dining rooms are falling out of favor as kitchens expand their space to include room for dining. Cooking for a family is becoming more than just a necessity. It’s a gathering art form. People want to have luxury and space in their kitchens, and they want to invite family and guests into the hub of meal preparation.

Open Concept

New homes are being built with open floorplans in the kitchen, dining, and family room areas - rather than rooms defined by walls. It’s still clear to see the distinction between the dining area and the living area, but the spaces are more implied than delineated.

This open concept extends even to the front entrance. Rather than foyers that just take up space in the entryway, designers are including statement doors that open directly into the open living area.

Flex Rooms

Needs and preferences change over time. Along with the open concept design of new homes, designers are incorporating flexible rooms - rooms that don’t have a specific purpose that can be changed (without renovation) as needs arise.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

The open concept extends even to the outside. New home builders are blurring the line between inside and outside through designs that include large glass windows and doors that open onto decks, larger sliding glass doors that create more open space, and outdoor kitchens and living areas.

Sustainable - It’s Not Just a Buzz Word

As natural resources diminish, it becomes more and more imperative that new construction be built sustainably. Materials and construction techniques are matching the need for sustainability, with sturdier structures, better use of natural resources, and energy-generating features like solar power.

Expensive Materials Made a Little Less Expensive

People aren’t in love with brick, vinyl, or clapboard exteriors. They want stone facades, but that’s not always in the budget. So, architects are providing the option of stone veneer on studs instead of solid stone facades. Rather than expensive terracotta, a terracotta veneer can be applied to manufactured panels. These less expensive materials open options for more homeowners.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Homeowners love a story. Anything that adds character, beauty, and charm to a home is a desired feature. Reclaimed wood floors fit the bill perfectly as they’re not only beautiful and stylish, but they give a homeowner the chance to know the history of the material in their home.

The New Craftsmanship

Homeowners like modern design, but they also want a warm, lived-in feel that modern design can’t necessarily deliver in its clean, harsh lines. The solution? Add craftsmanship into modern design such as burnt wood that makes wood look older and homier all while keeping the modern design look.

Walk-In Pantries

Nothing says luxury like a room that’s sole purpose is for storing food. Add lighting and clean shelving, and a walk-in pantry becomes more than storage - it becomes beauty. In addition, walk-in pantries are ideal for people in wheelchairs or with walkers, and as the baby boomer generation continues to age, this feature will only become more desirable.

Smart Homes

Smart technology is making everything more convenient in our lives, and that doesn’t stop at the home. Home builders are prewiring houses for optimal Wi-Fi coverage so that homeowners can use their smartphones to program everything from the thermostat to the TV to the alarm system.

Current Trends Create Options

As technology, sustainability, and affordability continue to expand, homeowners will be treated to even more options to customize their new or existing homes just the way they want.