August 10, 2016


Old homes appeal to many people for their charm. However, not everyone takes into consideration how un-charming it is to live with someone else’s problems, mistakes, design ideas, and outdated appliances. New homes give you the chance to design your life exactly the way you want.

Consider these many benefits when deciding between a new or a used home.

You Design the Home Yourself

Remember the geese of the 1990's? Remember how they wore bonnets? Remember how they were everywhere? Most of these geese have been removed from the wallpaper and stenciled paint of most houses, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a goose or another outdated interior design choice. Outdated light fixtures, countertops, flooring, and more are expensive to replace (not to mention the effort and time needed to get rid of them).

Many older homes on the market have been smartly updated to contemporary design, but those updates still weren’t done by you -- and you may not like them.

Buying new means you get to decide the paint colors, cabinet fixtures, flooring, and more. The home is a complete reflection of your tastes. Could anything be more fun?

You Choose the Layout

You know your family, and you know what you expect for the future. When you build a new home, you get to plan the layout to meet your family’s needs for now and in the future. If you have an aging parent, you can make sure to include a guest bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. If you have several children, you can add additional bedrooms. If you entertain frequently, you can expand your kitchen.

Making any of these changes after the home is built is incredibly difficult and expensive (and in some cases, impossible) to do. Better to get it done all at once while the house is being built.

Can’t Beat the Security of a Warranty

An older home comes with older appliances and equipment. You don’t know when those are going to go out, and it’s difficult to prepare for those expenses when you’re getting used to a new mortgage payment.

Building a new home gives you time to adjust and breathe, since most appliances and equipment will be covered under a warranty. Not only that, but all the equipment and appliances will be new.

Easier Maintenance

Along with warranties, you’ll also have an easier time with maintenance in a new home. New homes are built with the latest building products that require less maintenance. The systems in the home are also all built to work better together.

Community Amenities

When you buy a new home in a planned community, you’ll likely be treated to a variety of public amenities. Swimming pools, bike paths, parks, and more could be right outside your door. New home communities often are so well planned that you rarely need to leave the neighborhood for regular errands and entertainment.

Better Windows

Because of advancing technology, the newest windows do the best job at keeping the hot air out in the summer, as well as keeping the warm air in during the winter. This not only helps keep you more comfortable, it also reduces money spent on utility bills every month.

Better Air Quality

It’s vital that the air you breathe is healthy. When you buy an older home, you can’t be sure of its air quality. New homes are subject to strict energy standards and codes that old homes didn’t have to worry about. High-performance energy efficiency is combined with state-of-the-art air filtration and ventilation to keep you breathing better.

You’re the First Owner

Being the first to own a home is a magic that can’t be matched. It’s clean, fresh, and ready for you. The germs of past owners don’t exist in a new home, and the memories inside those walls are all yours to make.

Look for an experienced residential home builder with a reputation for quality work so you can feel confident building the home of your dreams. In the Houston, TX area, be sure to contact new home builders Legend Homes or Princeton Classic Homes to help build the perfect home for you at a price you can afford!