July 21, 2016


Buying a home for your family is more than just finding something nice in a good school district. You need a home that fits the way you live, that will offer space for your growing needs, and that doesn’t eat up all your time and money. While an older home shouldn’t necessarily be out of the question, a new home will often fit the bill better.


Want a third bathroom just for your kids? Three bedrooms upstairs instead of two? How about an island in the kitchen big enough for your whole family to crowd around and help prepare meals?

When you build a new home, you can customize it to your family’s needs. You aren’t stuck with a certain floor plan. You actually have options to create the best floor plan flow for your family. In addition, you can customize the style of your home, upgrading your backsplash, flooring, and more to match your own personal tastes.

Better Energy Efficiency

New homes are subject to stricter building codes, including energy efficiency codes. A new home maintains its temperature better than an older home because it has higher-efficiency insulation, doors, and windows. Your family will remain more comfortable all year long, and you’ll enjoy a lower energy bill.

Less Time Spent on Repairs

You have soccer games to attend, proms to shop for, and family dinners you’d like to make happen on a regular basis. Spending time on home repairs can seriously cut into time spent with your family.

There’s no telling what you’ll need to replace or repair in an older home, but chances are you’ll be working on something fairly soon after moving in. Appliances, roofs, windows, carpet, and more just wear out and die. When you buy an older home, you’re buying years of problems just waiting to fall apart./p>

Repairs Are Easier When You Have to Do Them

Every home will need repairs at some point, even a new home. However, new homes are constructed in a way that makes repairs easier. You won’t be find wiring or plumbing in strange places, and when you need a new part, you’ll find it easy to find standard replacement parts.


New homes often have important safety features, like garage doors that stop if a child is getting too close and furnaces and air conditioners that use the safest, environmentally-friendly coolants. Not only that, but the air you breathe will likely be cleaner in a new home as materials used in new home construction use fewer volatile organic compounds. You don’t have to worry about asbestos or lead paint.

Community Amenities

You’ll find many new homes in master-planned communities with amenities that make staying in your neighborhood the cool thing to do. Swimming pools, biking trails, open space, shopping, and more could be right outside your door, giving your kids more options for staying close to home and your family more options for spending time together.

The Security of a Warranty

When you buy a new home, you get the peace of mind that a warranty provides. Warranties vary from builder to builder, but most will cover any repairs that need to take place within the first year. The appliances installed in a new home will also carry their own warranty. Knowing you’ll have time to save for repairs, rather than dipping into your child’s college savings to replace the water heater a month after moving in is a good feeling.

When you’re ready to purchase a home, make sure you check out the new home builders in the area you want to live. It shouldn’t be hard to find a community and builder you love. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area, be sure to check out all the great new home options available from Princeton Classic Homes and Legend Homes.