December 03, 2020

Legend Homes Ranks Among Top Houston Businesses to Work List

2019 and 2020 have been vastly different years.

What’s not different? Legend Homes ranking among the Houston area’s top places to work.

For a second consecutive year, Legend Homes has made the annual tally, coming in at No. 18 on a list of the Top 60 Small Workplaces (companies with 50 to 149 employees). The rankings are derived from surveys completed by employees, who rate their companies on leadership, cooperation, communication, work-life balance, training, pay and benefits.

Open communication is a common theme when employees are asked what they like about the company, with employees appreciating how upper management listens to their recommendations and makes clear corporate goals. The healthy relationships across departments give everyone the same growth mindset, one employee said, and allows everyone to work as a team for their customers to build new homes in Houston.

“Everyone is well in tune with what the strategies are between companies/departments and that helps foster good communication and meet goals,” said an employee.

A principle mentioned regularly that makes Legend Homes one of the best places to work in Houston is the feeling of family, something that is a strong motivator for employees.

“With family, you do whatever it takes to make sure it works and you do your part to make it the best it can be,” said an employee in sales. “With family it is the selflessness, compassion, and wanting to see others succeed where you can truly be yourself and embrace the role you need to play.  Legend Homes lets me use my full potential by treating me like family.”

That family atmosphere has been even more apparent during the pandemic.

 “With COVID-19, I think our senior leadership did a great job of making sure our teams were comfortable doing their jobs and have been very flexible in the way we work,” said an employee in sales. “They have gone out of their way to provide our team with supplies to create a safe experience for our customers and our employees.”

The corporate offices are closed until after the new year because of the pandemic and earlier in the year, team members received thoughtful gifts that also supported local businesses.

When it comes to helping team members meet their goals and grow professionally, Legend employees find their supervisors well-schooled.

“My manager is very approachable, knowledgeable, and willing to help me when I have questions or concerns,” said one employee. “My manager is a great leader and someone I can always look to when I have a question.”

Another appreciates the autonomy and accountability.

“I’ve been allowed to grow and find where I best fit within the company.”

At the end of the day, Legend employees say they love their job.

“I work in a beautiful environment where I can help make people’s dreams of homeownership come true,” said a sales employee.

An employee in construction said, “The upper management shows us great gratitude for all the hard work we do for them, which means a lot for me.”

And maybe the most fulfilling for employees is helping people find their new home in Houston.

“I am able to help families find their dream home,” said another sales employee. “This has given my life more purpose and I wake up every day thankful for this job.”